Friday, March 27, 2009

(When you're really bored...) Journalism gone bad?

My new hobby? Spotting journalism gone bad, ie. news articles on the net with reaaally wierd wording or grammar or, ya, even bad spelling sometimes. Here's a dilly of an example for today taken from


  • Loubier pointed to the planned acquisition of Arctic patrol vessels, construction of a deep water port and eavesdropping network in the region, annual military exercises and boosting the number Inuit Arctic rangers keeping on eye on goings-on along its northern frontier
It just kind of goes on and on and on.

(This is what we do when we've come down with the flu? Or when we are reaaaally bored??)


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Saturday, March 14, 2009

One Of Those Dreaded Things

One of the things most of us with this DD's (dumb diseases) dread most is having to find a new doctor. It is no picnic believe me. It often ends up being this "go back to Go" things where we find ourselves right back at square one after years of poking and proding and pleading and explaining and reexplaining and educating and ... ya, sometimes whining too. As I said it is NOT fun.

In case you don't know there are still many doctors out there who don't even have a clue what these illnesses are, nor that they are 'real'. I've often wondered what a not real illness is. Is it a non-illness? Obviously what they really think is that we're just mental and if only we'd stop complaining and thinking about these imaginary symptoms and go do something we would be just fine. Other doctors do realize they are 'real' but discount them as being rather trivial compared to say, cancer or ... you fill in the blank.

If the first time you walk into the new doctor's office they don't even look you in the eye or pause long enough for you to say something you know you are in trouble. RUN for the door! If they do listen for a minute and get that glazed over look in their eyes, RUN for the door! If they have a prescription pad already drawn out in front like a quick draw outlaw, RUN for the door! If you are really lucky you might just get one of those old-fashioned type doctors who not only actually listen to you but use their own eyes, ears, nose and touch to observe and assess your curious state. Once upon a time I was lucky enough to have one of those doctors, but alas it was pre-illness and he was past retirement at that time already.

One of my sons also has CFS/FM. Because he moved too far away from his beloved doctor, and he indeed have a terrific one, the envy of many PWCs, he had to do the dreaded thing today. I really felt for him.

The name was drawn like a bingo draw out of the list of doctors who were on his insurance plan. It's typically not much more than that is it?

Eeny Meeny Minie Mo
to which Doctor's name do I go?

---and which one is concievably close enough to crawl to if I need to see him when I'm really bad off? Can't be across town.

The first clue that this doctor was probably not the right one was that she didn't see him. Her partner did. I didn't hear the inbetween parts but definitely got the impression from him that the inbetween bits were rather rapid and didn't amount to anything. The finally and most impressionable clue was that he went home carrying a prescription. I'll bet that doctor had his pad quick drawn when he first walked into the room. Once at home he got online and looked up the drug.

Yup. This doctor's a dud. The prescription was for an antidepressant. Now I know some doctor's still think this is the proper course of action for these DD's because they read about it maybe, fifeteen? years ago. In my honest opinion he must have been a dasterdly dud too, because hearing dear son say he looked it up I knew the doctor hadn't told him what the drug was. I'd even go further and say he was a triple dud, a full blown milk-chocolate duds dud (made from artificial chocolate and chemically arranged to decieve the taste to thinking it's real sugar, but not) DUD. I say this because had he bothered to discuss anything with my son he would have learned that previous doctors had tried this routine with him more than once and he reacted badly to those kinds of meds and swore he'd never take one again. Obviously he must not have discussed anything at all----

Time to once again do that dreaded thing and go find a new, new doctor.

I feel for him.

I haven't had my very own doctor I see for CFS/FM/ MCS for years myself.... and I'm not to keen to go looking for one either. (I've yet to hear of one in this town who even acknowledges there are such things as one of these DD's!)

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Crashed Toon

(This toon will be available soon as a greeting card at Zona's Zone ---that is when I'm feeling better... -Zona)

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