Saturday, December 01, 2012

Run Keirsty, Run!

My daughter has always had a huge heart for the downtrodden and those who were weaker and  needing a helping hand. When she was little she would collect stray animals and bring them home. Later it became stray friends :) The last few years she has lost people who were very dear to her to cancer, her father in law and her nephew. Then she heard about a beautiful little boy who was in a
big fight with cancer named Ronan and her heart overflowed...

This girl has had some problems of her own. A few years back she started having incidences of passing out without warning! Scared this mom hearing about it! After several tests it boiled down to a
condition she can do little about except to watch sudden changes in her environment. But that never stops her from life. Life is a gift, and a gift she so hopes can be extended for others too, especially others who are young and fighting cancer. She doesn't have piles of money to donate but she is donating herself to the cause by running in a marathon to raise money for these kids. You can find more about this race in January here

Unfortunately I'm in a position with my own health problems where I can offer even less for anyone. But I figured there IS one thing I can do, I can write and forward this email to you! :) And I'll add a challenge----

These are difficult economic times. Alone we can do so little. But could you find a dollar to spare? If you can and if you would donate one dollar in her name for this marathon run and then pass this blog on to five friends, well a dollar times five ... and those five pass it on... You get the picture? :) More than anything I want to encourage her to keep on giving, keep on trying to do what she can in helping others. And if you can do this it would also do something for me because I love my daughter and would love to see her efforts become big things! :)

Thank you,
Keirstin's mom

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