Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Let's Wear A Big Silly Hat!

I have been looking for this day. I feel like I should celebrate wildly or at least put a silly hat on, run down the street skipping while shouting hurray! You see for months I couldn't say the letter
"C", not "can" or "can't" or "come" nor "call". I couldn't say anything the started with "c" and certainly NOT "ch" or "chr" nor "chicken" . Not Charlie and Christian or anything that has "ck" at
the end. For that matter neither could I say "k".

That didn't bother me though, I couldn't imagine what reason I would have to share "kinky", Try as I may I couldn't think up "k" words....accept for proper name like in ones in my family, which made my cry that I couldn't say.

I should celebrate! Walk around with a big "C" on my head. I should think the cat might be surprised, delighted that I could say "CAT"----unless she feel that is way to informal an insist the I call her Blondie...



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