Saturday, November 24, 2012

Gloomy Black Friday

As a matter of fact today I'm glad I don't do any Christmas shopping! The crowds! The stink!

Had to go to store with Dh to get something needed for the car. I avoid doing that as much as possible because i don't handle most stores--- phewy! But I needed to go with him today...

We don't really have black friday here but they tried for the first time this year I was told. Not the stampede here like in the US but all of christmas season is still hectic and crowded and even stinkier
than usual. But what I saw as I dashed along quick as i could was rows of junk and shiney stuff, piles of bright colored bits of things meant to dazzle your eyes. To my eyes all i saw was tons of junk that one could easily do without and frazzled faces pondering what goods to buy this year.

Not my idea of christmas. I used to make Christmas gifts and that I do miss... THAT was MY Christmas!

I had a disappointment this week too. Unless it's still hiding in a box somewhere, which I doubt, my Christmas Village is missing from our move. It was several hand painted buildings each personalized to represent some family member or memory, a few figurines, pine trees, a town Christmas Tree, a couple of LED vintage street lights... We would make a new piece to add each year, the family sitting down a few nights in November or December painting or creating something new to add. Last year I took a bunch of tiny dowels and cut and painted them, bundled together to look like firelogs.

I was inspired by my great grandfather to do this. (and I love miniatures!) Great grandpa was renowned in the family for his sandbox. My mother told me that he had all sorts of things (scenes)
in that sand box and he would keep adding new pieces. Then each time the grandkids would visit they'd go look to see what was new. Perhaps the idea came from the German tradition of giant creche
sets I saw in a National Geographic once? They would set up whole rooms with scenes and would continually add to them. Then each Christmas season they'd go visit the neighbors and look at what they had done that year. Sounded like a neat idea to me!

So my little village has gone missing and I'm so sad. It seems that the unpainted plaster of paris buildings are loosing popularity as they are missing everywhere this year, save for a few and those are terribly expensive. So I guess I'm going to have to forego my little tradition until can figure out an alternative type of building that tickles my fancy--- or find some at some thrift shop somewhere?

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