Thursday, May 24, 2012

Interesting Tidbit for Curious (or bored) Minds! :)

Tonight I said something to my husband about "the hair of the hound that bit ya". He'd never heard of that expression, which I promptly explained. Then I got curious about where it actually originated and so of course I went to my handy dandy Google search engine [side note: been wishing to find an alternative for a long time as I do not agree with many of their practices! but haven't yet found one I like]to hunt for it.

First I found out that most people say "hair of the dog" not "hair of the hound" which, in my ever forgetful mind is how I'd always heard it. Then I was tickled to find just how old the expression is, how far back it traces and how many cultures used it or something very similar, ie. "hair of the pig" ! It is practically global. Wow!

Now, hey, we all know that expressions get into our lingo for a reason, right? There must be something to it to have survived so many eras. And in this case across so many different cultures! Somewhere therein it must contain some amount of truth? Right? After all we all know you can catch a cold from getting cold, though the scientific community has called that an old wives tale until a study recently put the old wives in the "wise" column and had a good laugh at all those old pompous 'scientists' who had scoffed at us mere commoners. Ha!

Ok so... hmmmm... "a hair of the dog that bit ya".... hmmmm

I wonder --- just what kind of dog exactly was it that bit those of us who have MCS?, --or CFS? ---or even Lyme" (ok we know it was a tick that bit those with Lyme...except this week I saw an article that claimed Songbirds now were carriers too)


Curiosity can be such an entertaining thing sometimes.

Til next therapy time,


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