Friday, April 13, 2012

Good Heavens I'm Cheap!

I dropped in sally anns today for a quick dash thru. That of course is due to not being able to go out into any place for every long and at that only after doing a quick sniff test at the door.

My goal was a bowl for cooking rice in (i do it in the microwave and the motel doesn't have a bowl that size) and to take a quick gander at a few tops as I'm down to two sweat shirts that are getting a bit to warm, and one pair of pants, all aquired previously at thrift shops. Its been so long since I've bought any clothes that they are literally falling apart now so I really need some else I'll soon be naked, which would be a very scary thing for those around me LOL

Well let me tell you, I knew that the cost of every thing from gasoline to food has been climbing and climbing but oh my! When I dug for the tags on these items at sally anns I was shocked to find that I am now officially too cheap (actually too poor) to afford even clothes from the thrift shops! Geesh. I figured sally anns would be about the cheapest around (the tiny hospital auxillary which has mostly large sizes and little selection turns out to be the cheapest).

So now what are we living on such limited incomes supposed to do??



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