Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Sprung Like A Warped Spring (aka Spring has sprung?)

I've been not doing very well since about christmas when I got that virus. A lot more pain in a lot more places all the time it seems...and a bunch of other symptoms driving me up the wall including that (argh) overwhelming fatigue along with some other frustrating stuff I can't figure out ... Stomach/gut problems much worse etc (whine whine). Some of it might be from pollens...some years i am bad all spring so that's a possibility.

I guess I've been a bit more overwhelmed by it all than I realized. Stress of any kind can sure take it's toll huh?

So.... yesterday the plumber was here downstairs. I had told him last week that I had MCS when he said he was going to put stinking stuff down the drains. Ended up he didn't need to do that... er...or was that part of the fumes last week?? So the other day dear husband and I are laying in bed while he's downstairs when dear husband thought he smelled electric burning! Boy talk about dashing around the house trying to find what was hot! Turned out it was the plumber downstairs--- burning plastic!! When I opened the door down there I was greeted with a cloud of very stinky smoke. Of course it had come up thru the vents and the whole house reeked. We couldn't leave the house til he was gone...and where i usually sit outside on the deck was right above the bathroom window downstairs so it reeked there too. argh.

Well... my brain immediately went south for vacation along with dizziness. And dh's old terrible coughing fits kicked in. Soon as that plumber was gone we got out of here! yikes! Since then everything's been kicked up, including pain, spasms, stomach etc. ugh. Who knows if that is why but i suppose so. My brother, the contractor, said that plastic is ABS = baaad stuff. yuck!

Finances continue to be a major problem. Sadly that is too common for most of us who are disabled with these horrid illnesses.

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