Tuesday, February 23, 2016

"Better Back When.."

  One thing about getting older you have a right to declare it was "better back when".  Sometime it truly is better than it is right now. Take TV for example.  My dad working for Western Auto, who sold appliances and this brand new thing,  in Midwest, televisions. It was tall, blonde wood I think, and little oval screen up top and I think the bottom hide a speaker.  Of course it wasn't brand new, televisions were invented some years before, however outside the coast most town had one channel.  My favorite were Sky King,  Sergeant Preston of the Yukon and Love That Bob, replaced later with Dobie Gillis [Bob Denver played a beatnick], O Suzanna and still later Leave It To Beaver,  Ozzie and Harriet and I Love Lucy.

Now I didn't take too long when people said "If there were no station than something would be on I like".   And there crop up more station than New York City!   That still wasn't enough and  they added UHF channel,  those were channel that were beyond 2 through 13 like 15 and 45.   By the 1960's color television began broadcasting and everyone had to go and buy a colored tv, only to put old black and white in the other room.

You see people could have two television set because it was received with a antenna.  Not many had two television is the house since children were assumed they have homework and after homework going to bed.  Most children would see something like "Leave It To Beaver" and Saturday morning cartoon that was almost the limits tv watching.  Children have school part of the year and chores and playing outside summer times.

As time went on there would be a channel for every number on the dial.   Lucy didn't have one foot on the bedroom floor off her twin bed and she was enlarged in her blouses instead being out of sight. Little by little those rules were nudged, downright shoved and ignored just in time for the argument on "pay for tv" aka cable.  Cable, the argument went, didn't have those bothersome commercials!  Prior to PC propaganda the argument when you don't like it?  Turn it off!  Or you pay for what you get and don't pay.  Many people found that was good thing, and they didn't have to put up the those advertisement too!

Meanwhile.... I lived in small town in the mountains where you couldn't get most channels depending on what side of the mountain and how high as it.  Most of the town you couldn't get any channels and matter how many antenna you might have.  Thus cable was a necessities.  Town was too small to warrant two cable companies to you have pay them they wanted.  Later on they also have Internet...

Meanwhile , a long time has past.... And now I get to: "...nothing changed much and every thing has changed.."  "better back when" ....
Now I have cable.  I cost a fortune and you have to wade through commercials too boot!   Now that PC is here never you mind with is morality correct and what is political correct!  No more disgusted statements will corrupt my fragile ears!.... save for the commercials that will rattled brain with mind blowing closeted hints for best-living bouhaha.

It all caught up the me, the expense, too many tv show that make no difference in the real world, and the dang ads!  What I paying for?   Show I don't argue with?  Grind down the brain, IQ at  least?  Let alone I giving some one a place in my mind like those old subliminal popcorn ads they used to show at drive-in movie theatres, where they can bury light-bulbs with hoes and a pickaxes? , to what avail?

[next week I tell what I think about Google, Facebook and what become of the Net ....


[note:  I written for benefit [homework] of my Speech-Language Pathologist,  you'll will enjoy it :)  ]

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Let's Wear A Big Silly Hat!

I have been looking for this day. I feel like I should celebrate wildly or at least put a silly hat on, run down the street skipping while shouting hurray! You see for months I couldn't say the letter
"C", not "can" or "can't" or "come" nor "call". I couldn't say anything the started with "c" and certainly NOT "ch" or "chr" nor "chicken" . Not Charlie and Christian or anything that has "ck" at
the end. For that matter neither could I say "k".

That didn't bother me though, I couldn't imagine what reason I would have to share "kinky", Try as I may I couldn't think up "k" words....accept for proper name like in ones in my family, which made my cry that I couldn't say.

I should celebrate! Walk around with a big "C" on my head. I should think the cat might be surprised, delighted that I could say "CAT"----unless she feel that is way to informal an insist the I call her Blondie...


Monday, December 28, 2015

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

I pray your Christmases were merry !

I taken I break now on my hospital story.  (I will be back!)
I whole lot has happened in 2015 and I am excited to start another year.

And meanwhile I think I need a lot of resting and doing nothing....   :)

Happy New Year!