Friday, October 23, 2015

A Lot Has Happen Since I Last Posted....

Bottom line  (Since I can't post for very long...)   I had a stroke in August!

I left me without the use of my right foot and hand (right-handed) and very much also unable to talk...
I stay  in stroke unit for three days and move to rehab unit for few 6-8 where I had Physical Therapy, Occupation Therapy , ARM, and Speech Therapy.

Also I had BAD cooperation with perfumes and CFS and MCS terms... I don't I many MD types believe those...???...   and found myself (self)  banned from my room and once from the cafeteria.  On the first
occasion I was taken home for the weekend-- and was every weekend after that!

At first I didn't remember a whole of the thing,  like how do you get a website to disappear off of a stabbed,  and other such simple PC stuff like that  (andriod tablet with I never have used before hospital accept the listen had the radio--- that drove crazy!)  Little bit and little bit that came back to me,  some time I a dream...  and the use of right hand and foot came the back thanks rehab!  I still have a bit of weakness is hand left and when uses a keyboard and get tired after use and at night...

I am thankful most of all can draw again!!!   I  easily see why I could not do that any more and watch my right hand dangling from my side and left hand have to make up using to pencil and feeding myself.  This another thing that came me in a dream and the next day I didn't think about it I picked a pens in right hand an the wrote that it!   Not long after my occupational therapist gave an assignment "drawing color pencils".  I drew one the my granddaughter :)

[You won't see me post very often.  It takes me a while to write something and I need to do a lot.]


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