Friday, May 31, 2013

Helpful Distractions

Yes, I've been missing. I feel so bad about that too. Sometimes I wonder where all the time goes. I sure don't recall doing anything important. And yet there it goes... somewhere....

Lately I've been filling my days with many distractions, which is perhaps why I don't recall where the time went? But, you see, sometimes when things are very painful and for those of us who can't
take pain-killers distraction is the very best thing there is to do!

So I've been distracting myself with some wonderful distractions; great friend who is my phone buddy, family to love and chat with, and things to look at on tv and the internet. I'm finding that you can waste a lot of hours without meaning to on Pinterest, my latest distraction.

However, one of these days less painful I'm going to have to discipline myself back into some more productive work again, like writing my blogs, doing some artwork, writing.... well... something... :)


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