Sunday, November 18, 2012

When New & Improved Ain't!

So many products today are labeled "NEW and Improved!". Have you ever asked yourself what it is that is supposably improved?

For those of us with chemical sensitivities it often means that they've added something to the once "ok" list of ingredients that now makes it not ok for me! Cleaning products have a new stink. What
they once cleaned nicely now don't work quite as well. Food that tasted fine no longer taste so good. It can get mighty urksome to say the least.

But then there's also new and improved consumer products, like computers. Just about the time you thought you got your computer all sorted out and useable they go and change something which turns
everything you thought you knew upside down! Of course they often do this thinking that you'll just have to have the latest and greatest so you'll buy more. NOT!

For me today it is my new(er) laptop. I loved my old laptop but it bit the dust beyond repair and had to be replaced. Well, I thought, at least I'll have more power, more space and working parts now. And that pleased me. But when I went to shop for the new one I made a discovery that didn't please me so much. All the new latops had keyboards shifted to the left due to having number pads to the right. I had a hunch this might foul up my touch typing habits which, sure enough it has. It's made typing in the dark a bit of a problem! The biggest problem there also has been having to memorize where all the extra keys are located now, and memory can be an issue with me these days, especially in the dark when I can look for them.

However that in no way compares to the larger cause of my major frustration these days. What's with all these hidden touch pad "helps" ? ! It seems every time I'm typing along thinking I'm getting something done, one wrong flick of the fingers and windows are popping up everywhere, or that page of text I just typed disappears, or some other flukey thing takes place! ARGH! I have hunted through configurations and settings looking for all these 'new and improved' helpers so I can turn them off and finally get back to a more sane existence! But some of them either are still lurking out there in my windows setup just waiting to eat my efforts or a ghost lives in my machine. Awwwck!

So now you know why I've been so quiet. I'm not quiet really. The computer ate my homework----

Please! No more 'new and improved' for me!


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