Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Left Foot, Right Foot, Feet, Feet, Feet...

Went to the store today and Dh parked the car at the other end of the parking lot,about 100 feet away. Me, thinking in some ways (though not others) I'm not as bad as I once was could walk those feet and it would be good for me to do. Not!

The first twenty feet or so INTO the store wasn't so bad. Then there was the standing in line. Not so good for someone with MCS! And then high tailing it out the door to the wide outdoor air
and then to the car.

Ten feet later I'm telling myself "left foot, right foot", "keep going you can do it!". Huff. Puff. Legs becoming lead. "Left foot, right foot". But self retorted, "Hey! Wait a minute there! I don't even know where my feet are at this point! How do you expect me to keep moving them?!" Huff, Puff, pant , pant.

Half way across that parking lot and still no car in sight. At this point I knew just how bad I really am. Funny how we can fake ourselves into believing other wise until challenged.

And yet it ISN"T out of shape muscles that's the problem. It's endurance. It's energy. It's lack of air power too. And nerve power. How does one explain nerve power?


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