Sunday, April 03, 2011

Long Hybernation but Now It's Spring!

Yes it has been a long hybernation season this year and my finger is still bothering me enough when I type to not want to do too much of it. But here I am, at last!

I've not been just laying around though. No, I've been busy working away on a new project which I hope to post link to here soon. I'm making miniature buildings to be used for different things, model train sets, match box cars, big boy games like war gaming, Little House on the Prairie types for the girls...well whatever suits your fancy. I've been throughly enjoying getting back in the architectural design/drawing phase of my life even though they won't be full sized buildings and I have always loved miniatures too! So this seems to be a good match for me :)

Actually I am recreating buildings of my youth, old homesteads and other places of interest I've seen and it's quite nice, all that nostalgia! Soon I hope to make a scale set up of a mini farm I lived on during a large portion of my youth, a place where we had horses and chickens and collies. Ah! Those were the days!

Do you have a place from your youth that would please you heart to look at in miniature? Grandma's house ? ..."over the river and through the woods.."


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