Tuesday, February 09, 2010

I Should Name That Thing

Either time must fly lately or I'm getting lazier? Seemed like I just blogged here but I see it's been a while. Hmmmm...

I had a doozy of a reaction for the first time in quite a while tonight. Took my daughter to work and had to grab some catfood. Did I tell you I don't do much shopping? I can't walk far and can't tolerate all the chems and fumes etc. But for the last couple of years at least I've been able to do a quickie dash style shopping, which is a huge difference from the days when I couldn't do absolutely any. Now I'm wondering if the old days are coming back!

There I was minding my own business when I ran smack into a cloud of the smelliest junk I'd smelled in a while. I mean you could have cleared the entire store with that cloud. I just can not fathom why anyone would/could douse themselves so much and still breath! My head went into a tailspin (or is that a headspin??) and went out to lunch leaving me there alone to figure out how to find the front door and get out of there fast. As the seconds past I could feel that invisible hand grasping my throat and squeezing hard. THAT is the one symptom that hadn't visited me in a while and one I was soooo glad to have gone--- until tonight. I prayed I wouldn't need the cortisone shot to stop it this time...

Well, I tried to keep calm - fretting only adds adreniline rush and makes it worse - and sip lots of warm, soothing to the throat stuff. I had done this by instinct in the past and found it helped some. Then some years later I actually tripped across the suggestion in an article which pointed out that doing so washed the chems off your throat and the warm helps relax the throat muscles. Ok, I buy that. Thankfully
the swelling didn't progress.

Tonight I'm still feeling 'off' a bit. And some unkind thing is jabbing me hard in the side between my ribs and won't stop doing it. Ok, it's not a thing or a someone. It's a symptom. Ugh. Just in time for bedtime...

(I'm soooo curious about that Gupta treatment. Quite a few people are trying it these days... If only I was a bit richer I'd buy those cd's...)


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