Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Where There's Smoke...

For the last several days we've been sitting in smoke. There are four fires nearby and the valley is full of yucky air. About 17,000 people were evacuated, and from what I've heard, four homes have burnt down. The first day the winds were crazy which made the fire terrible to fight. At one point they had it contained, but then days later it was only 40 % contained. I'm not sure how contained it is now but I heard they allowed about 6000 people to return to their homes.

This is not as bad as the BIG fire of 2003. But for those of us with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and other chronic illnesses any smoke is bad! Whenever there is a fire any place the valley fills up with smoke as it gets bottle-necked in here. That's true even for some fires down in Washington.

Since the big fire in 2003 they have changed the way they measure the air quality. So it's real hard to know just how bad it is.It doesn't seem like it's as thick as it was then.. that fire was much bigger. But it seems like it must have burnt into some new kind of trees etc yesterday because it started bothering me much more and the smoke smelled a bit different.

For the last few days we've been confined to the bedroom, the only room with an air purifier and window air conditioner. (It's been in the 90s and the house is hot) Surprisingly Dh hasn't had the awful coughing fits. But he can't leave the room without having his lungs hurt and feeling miserable. Neither can I, though I've ventured out long enough to throw in the dishes and get supper.

Exposures like this can cause all kinds of symptoms for those of us with MCS: headaches, dizziness, fatigue, fuzzy-brained, brain spin, achiness!, breathing difficulties, focusing problems, blurred vision, sore throat --- and more, all of which we've had.

Last night I was awake more than asleep. I couldn't breath and it was too warm. Tonight the AQ number is higher alreadythan it was late last night. Late nights seem to always be worse than during the evenings. Soooo... looks like we might bein for a trying night again. Daughter has to be at work at 10 am and I am hoping that hubby-pooh will be up to driving her because I know I won't be able to!

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