Sunday, May 31, 2009

My Theory - The Quickie Version

Lest it disappear when I hit submit again I'm going to post a very condensed, "quickie" version of my theory of the cause of CFS.

I came to this belief back in the '80s after a bit of observation. Now I will remind you that my first dx was "pesticide poisoning" due to tests and symptoms. I shortly realized that PS causes EI (environmental illness, as we called it back then) , MCS. However it was a couple years before I met one other person who had MCS. She introduced me to friend #2 with MCS. Those two were the only ones I knew until 1995 when I got on the internet. As for CFS, though I had it from the earliest part of my illness I had no clue about that until I was dx'd in 1989, the same year my son who was 15 at the time got CFS too. Back then the Dr. called it "CEBV", Chronic Epstien Barr Virus. Other than my son, who didn't get his dx until four years later, I knew no other soul with it until I got the internet in '95.

However I did begin hearing about GWS shortly before I acquired the net. My sister worked on the registry at the VA for GWS and reported to me that the guys returning had the same symptoms I did! That only confirmed my suspicions.

So here is my theory :

Long term or traumatic stress causes various biological changes in your body PLUS
2) a virus or vaccination (I had a rheubella son had a weird virus)
3) an exposure to a toxin (toxic chemical)
that all happens within a short timeframe.

Now, In 2009, almost thirty years after I came to form my theory I see that Dr Gupta has come out with one of his own that is similar. The main difference is that I see a combination of the three things conversion during a short period of time, while his theory only combines two. I still believe I'm right.

Looking at the GW vets-- they had multiple vaccinations AND exposure to such things as Sarin (similar to the pesticide I was exposed to btw) WHILE in war time and separated from family, friends and their usual jobs, ie stressed. Though often people aren't aware of toxins they are exposed to they are present in most people's lives.

Next post I'll share with you the rest of the post that disappeared, my theory of accidently brain connections/ memory ties and some symptoms, possibly even the reason for some sensitivies!



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