Thursday, May 14, 2009


I wrote a nice long post here last night explaining a theory I had years ago about what causes these dumb diseases. It was good. Yup, it was actually great! I was telling you all about my theory and why I believe it and what I had come across during these almost 30 yrs of illness. I was also telling you about things I have read about resently and how they might relate. I was a very nice if rather long post.

My brain function was off enough that I kept having this arghy old typical laptop typing problem. You know the one where the cursor jumps to another location as you're typing because your hands are dangling over the touch pad ? That requires back spacing and figuring out what it is you were saying and typing it all over again. That happened several times.

So where is it? you ask. Well... You see... I had it all done and went to hit submit only to find it went "POOF!" Gone. Done for. Vanished! Vanished into the dark oblivion of cyberspace somewhere lost between my computer and the blog server that just happened to go down at that very moment for maintenence, or so the message said. But I wondered if the net grimlins weren't at it again.


Well, I guess you'll just have to come back later when I have recollected my thoughts, and my mind, enough to rewrite the thing once again and get it posted.

Meanwhile--- have a nice day.



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