Sunday, February 15, 2009

Stimulated Right Off The Deep End !

Well they did it. Congressmen and Senators (in the good ol' US of A) voted for a 1100 page "stimulus" bill they didn't even bother to read. Can you believe it? And boy am I stimulated! (which isn't such a good thing for those of us with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome who often suffer from being over stimulated by ordinary sensory input.) I want to scream---- so I'm going to scream right here to you and hopefully someone will hear me, though, sadly it's a bit late.

Did you know that hidden in there somewhere between saving the mice and keeping toilet artists funded (of the National Endowment for the arts type--- hey, I'm an artist and yes of course I'm for artists. Real artists. Not toilet painters.) is a section on health. But wait! Don't get too excited for it is NOT good news, especially for those of us with these wierd, misunderstood, under researched chronic conditions that are hell to live with. You see besides setting up electronic medical records it also calls for setting up some kind of Big Brother Health Overlord who will determine when a treatment is not in line with their opinion of good value for the buck spent.

We already have a dickens of a time affording those 'alternative health aids/treatments', like the suppliments that help some, various types of therapies like chiropractics, massage therapy, muscle testing etc. which typically come out of pocket. I know many people with CFS, FM and MCS who are like me and react to most prescription drugs and survive off these alternatives. Some people are lucky enough to have a doctor who prescribes or recommends, at least, using some of these. With the lack of decent research it's no wonder that all these years later they're (the medical doctors) are still wandering in the dark. But then of course we have the wonderful CDC still intent of pushing the "it's all stress" theory.

Now think about that for a minute. For twenty years the government agency has move at rocket speed from denying this is a real illness to acknowledging there are these sets of symptoms, but they are caused by not being able to handle stress. And now the government in their supreme wisdom believes that they are better able to manage the whole health care industry by supervising what doctors are doing for their patients AND determining when what they're doing is too expensive, not correct etc. Much like they run medicare and the post office. ARGH.

Here's a hint of what might happen to our health care. Ruin Your Health With the Obama Stimulus Plan: Betsy McCaughey and Health Care That Kills . While some may say this is just bloviating I think those of us familiar with what has happened, or should I say what hasn't happened in all these years in acknowledging these illnesses, let alone treating them, by our dear governments wouldn't doubt for one moment that it's not going to get any better now!

Makes me think about those $50 "do it yourself suicide" pills they're now handing out in Oregan. It's pretty pathetic that they're so worried about patients getting addicted to pain meds that doctors are intimidated, but seem not at all concerned about prescribing DEATH. Hmmm let's see... addicted or dead... hmmmm. Ya, right. We can't have people running around out of pain. I fear this may become the way of thinking with this new board too, considering after all this was placed in a 'stimulus package' aimed at our economic situation supposably...

Some folks out there who have heard about this are worrying about Grandma and what this may mean for her in the near future. And yup that's ugly. Take a gander at this quote for the article---

Daschle says health-care reform “will not be pain free.” Seniors should be more accepting of the conditions that come with age instead of treating them. That means the elderly will bear the brunt.

Do you think there would be any difference in attitudes towards chronic illness/conditions?

For the life of me I can't believe that any sane "representative" of we the people would vote for a bill they didn't even read. But worse yet, I can't believe that any sane voter would reelect the buggers either! (yet they probably would). Heaven help us!

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