Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I Keep Hoping---

It was be so nice to be able to post a real good report one of these days. If you're like me after I while you just don't think you should talk about being sick anymore. You know how it is? People will ask you how you are feeling and you hesitate, wondering if you should tell the truth or fake it? Just about the time you go ahead and say , "Well, it hasn't been the best week...I feel lousy" they will respond with something like "Are you STILL sick? Have you seen the doctor?", as if that will solve everything.

Of course you've been seeing the doctor for 28 yrs now and they just don't have an answer. The average person out there consuming all those commercails for pills to cure everything from bad moods to zits to anal itching just can't seem to fathom that there is no miracle cure for these illnesses. Sigh.

And so sometimes when they ask I refrain from saying much---but I don't want to lie so I don't say I'm well. I've contemplated about the "I'm fine" bit. What's fine anyway? What does that mean exactly? When I think of fine I think of fine art, beautiful paintings, a fine piece of furniture, a fine ---- Well... It also sometimes brings to mind "a fine mess", seems that's the title of a movie. Then there's fines you pay. I'm not fine. I'm ill. I'm tired, incredibly tired.

If I do say I'm fine will they next expect me to skip down the road or do a whirlwind cleaning through my house? Probably.

Perhaps my husband, who also has these illnesses, has the right reply? He says, "I'm average." Hmmm.... Yup. I think that will become my new standard reply too.

In case you're wondering I'm not feeling so on top of the world today... doo da doo da and no zippity.



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