Monday, February 04, 2008

Working From Home

Seems to be no matter what kind of work you do if you work from home people assume things...

*it's a hobby
*you just like working
*you'll work for free
*you work cheap cuz you don't need any money
*you probably don't know as much as a 'professional' ...working from home means you're an amateur??
*ANY hours are work hours (they can call you day and night)
*they might 'help you out' by referring friends who also think you're cheap, doing a hobby, don't need money
*they think it's alright to complain more

That's my assessment for the week...

I've run into all of the above. I'm sure it is worse when you're ill and they know you're ill. The assumption is that if you are THAT ill you get disability or something of course!

However these things also apply to others who aren't ill but work out of their house. My brother got laid off and is now going to go into business for himself. He's running into the same stuff. I could have warned him about this...


Anonymous Rixta said...

One more: they can pay you next month, for you don't have a real business.


8:25 PM  

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