Monday, April 23, 2007

Spring has sprung and so have I ?

My how time flies when you're dashing off to bed! Unbelievable! And here I thot I'd posted not that long ago. Ooops!

So I dropped in just to post a reminder that May 12th is about here again. I hope you all will remember to let people know that is CFS Awareness Day...and FM Awareness and MCS Awareness Day too. Yes, somehow they put them all together on the same day. I suppose that makes sense since they do seem to overlap symptoms and many people have more than one. Some think they are all one and the same. Which one depends on who you talk to.

I had planned to make Doorknob hangers and small downloadable posters you can print off and stick in your windows, hang on your front door etc but unless I get to feeling better real quick and find some time I might not get that done this year. I will post here and announce it if and when I do. Meanwhile do take a look at the other things that are already available on my site including the t-shirts ! !



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