Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Achy Breaky Feelin'

I have been surprised at how well I was managing health wise over the last several weeks esp considering all the stress etc we've been under here. In ways I was doing better than I had for a long time! It was a good thing because I had to do all the driving and most of the errand running and often alone too, which is something i hadn't been able to do for years. With dh totally incapacitated it was sure a good thing!

Then, this last week I got the crud, cold-flu thing, probably same as my daughter had two weeks ago. I blamed my sister for giving it to me over the phone! LOL She's been real sick too. I figured sooner or later I was going to hit the wall cfs-crash wise. Instead of slamming into it, it seems more like I deflated into it it snuck up on me. I did notice that I was feeling more and more off each day when i had to drive somewhere.

Funny how that has caused me to notice that some of that feeling I have some time which feels like struggling to stay conscious is actually fatigue... because as tired as i am I rarely feel sleepy. Odd huh? Well for a couple of days now I found myself waking up 5 mins after having nodded off while reading email etc and hadn't even realized how tired i was! It's like my switch is missing? or at least that part that goes between wakefulness and sleeping... that groggy, drifting off stuff normal people feel.

So tonight I'm tired and very very achy and still sneezing, coughing and that sort of thing. I sure hope dh is getting better because it's not going to be much fun if neither of us is fit to go get groceries and the other things we need to do ! When we're both bad at the same time it gets to be a bit much and that does happen----

Part of the reason I've been so quiet is because we've been working on a new phase for our business. ...getting certified to sell and service a business-accounting system software. Tons of stuff to do to get this going. Honestly I'm finding it to be a bit too gruelling for me ....but as I have to get an income somehow this hopefully will be another option to go along with our computer business. I don't think it's really the type of thing we should be getting into for health reasons... but working from home under these circumstances sure narrows the choices a lot...

Oh btw... more and more I'm attributing part of the reason for managing so well (before) to the lower temps we have had. It was between 50-70F, usually in the mid to upper 60's which felt soo much better to me than when it hit 80. I am just NOT handling heat at all these days....


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