Saturday, March 22, 2008

That Bugger Bug

I can't believe how fast time goes by when it's dragging! Looks like it's been a while since I posted here again and yet I haven't a clue what it is I've been so busy doing!

For the last week plus both dh and I have had the Bugger Bug. You know the one going around that gives you the three day headache from hell? It wasn't a brainthrobber but rather one of those 'my heads screwed on so tight it might explode' ones but this one caused pain in my face and numbing of my fingertips! At that time I wasn't sure it was a bug. Wondered if I had gotten yet some new malody to worry about. But after consultation with other Bugger Bug victims and comparing notes of sore throats, earache, faaaatiggggue and body aches we concluded it was indeed the dasterly bug.

This menace has a bad habit. It rebounds. And from what I hear, sometimes more than once. ARGH. Yup, it did just that here too. Just about the time I thought I was getting over it, and did the usual stupid thing of over-doing it one day trying to catch up on a week's worth of non-housekeeping it conked my over the head again. Ugh. And so I sit here tonight writing this post to you....

Did I tell you it is ummmm, interesting to have two people in the same house who are ill all the time? :P

At least my daughter is having fun. She's off on a trip with her youth group for spring break. This will be the first Easter without her. Feels kind of strange. She told me I could go on her trip with her vicariously. She's taking lots of photos...

And before I forget.... Happy Easter!



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