Tuesday, February 05, 2008

The Little Guy and The Giant - Some "new" things aren't so new

Today there was an article on the Drudge Report titled "New Way To Kill Viruses: Shake Them To Death" . Something sounded vaguely familiar and when I went to read the article it jogged my memory. A year ago I had read an article about a man named Rife who had invented not only specialty microscopes but a way of killing viruses using radio frequency. So how is it that this is a new discovery?

Actually Rife made his invention in the 1930's. Talk about not new! So why haven't we heard more about this until now? Why hasn't it been used? Would it surprise you if i gave you a three letter hint? AMA That's it. Just like modern our researchers today you won't get very far if your notions don't follow the prescribed and approved path and Rife's sure didn't.

Is it any wonder that so many of these new conditions, MCS, Cfs, FM haven't had much attention let alone much progress in terms of treatment? !!! Have you read Osler's Web? It's enough to cause the hairs on your neck to rise right along with your ire.

If you're curious about this old discovery you might want to check out these sites:








I wonder if the creators of Star Trek didn't know of Rife's device? Hmmmm....



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