Monday, May 25, 2009

Another Night ...

Here we go. Another one of those nights, you know the ones? Stupid wierd symptoms want to show up just when it's time to hit the hay and keep you awake? UGH ! I'm a bit nauseous- ok that's not terribly unusual but it is starting up at this time of night. The slight tingling-numbness (not quite numb) around the mouth isn't usual for me either. But the sudden hip-thigh ... hmmm not quite sure how to describe this... not quite lame but sort of - uncoordination for sure which showed up first and was immediately followed by the rest, including the severe bunching up of the muscles in my shoulder is.

(and coming here I remembered that last post I wrote went into the great oblivion when i hit publish and I guess I never remembered to come back and rewrite the thing again. The site went down just as I had submitted it the last time. And the post was sooo good too! Honest!)

Looks like it might not be a very good night here.

(but at least maybe this will publish this time?)



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