Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I Could Have Had A Nice Little Rest...

Off and on since last week I've had a sore throat, keep loosing voice, and feeling really cruddy otherwise. I've been miserable and not up to doing a dern thing .

A few days before my friendly worker at Timmy's had told me I looked horrible and asked me what was the matter and I unloaded my tale of sore throat woe. This was one time when my feeble condition was visible apparently, something I have sometimes wished was the case on other occasions when I've felt dead on my feet and some kind soul gives me one of those "but you look fine!" comments.

So yesterday when I was out running around, or rather dragging around on a couple of errands I stopped in to grab a cup of coffee. Ms Timmy's worker ducked back and about gave me the exorcist's sign of the cross with her fingers begging me to stay back from her. Then she informed me to three gals there were off due to some spreading bug with the same symptoms I'd been having.

So--- what I've had is something going around? ! So it's not just the usual junk it seems (didn't feel quite like it was).

As typical in these situations I say ..."If only I had known! I would have just been excused to sprawl out here on my bed guilt free of the dishes in the sink and thefloors that needed vacuuming!"

Seems we are always pushing ourselves along ... somedays right off the old cliff!


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