Monday, August 24, 2009

Give It Some Thought

There's a lot of controversy about the proposed health care bill, often called "Obamacare". I know that many in the disabled community are impressed by the words "universal health care" assuming they will have more care and many have been burnt by insurance companies. However something that could have huge impact on our lives (as well as our family's, children's and neighbors) and debt, something that will not only change health care but the basis of how we divide what is private personal business and government's control of our lives really deserves careful thought and pondering, much much more thought and discussion than this has been given so far.

Not only should those representing us have to read AND understand what it is they are voting on, but we the people ought also be know more than a few things before it is decided. Don't you want to know how you can expect to be treated for these illnesses you have that haven't even been given decent attention, research or acknowledgement? What if they deem them not serious enough to have multiple doctor visits about? What if tests you need are deemed unnecessary and a waste of resources?
What if they continue to preach that CFS, for instance, is a stress illness and decide it should only be treated with anti-depressants?

Yes the health care system needs some tweaking for sure. And yes, insurance just doesn't work for those who are unable to work. We do know of many things that need to be addressed. We need discussion. We need to be able to give our input, to share what our needs and problems are. Before anyone votes for a massive switch in how we do things that will not be easy to change again there is much to know and think about first!

I will post things I come across them and more of my thoughts as time goes on.

As for me, at this point I vote for some kind of healthcare plan that will cover alternative Doctors and treatments as that is what works best for me :)


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