Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Chore That Just Won't Get Done

For four years now I have started the same chore over and over and never gotten it done. It's one of those domino chores. You know the type? In order to do what you want done you have to do something else first. But before you can do that one there's yet something else that has to be done before it! And so on.

Tucked back in the corner of my room was a broken video dresser. I've been hoping to remove it all these years. The problem is there's a pile of stuff in front of it that has no home, ie no closet to get put in. In front of the pile sits a wooden tv tray that holds my laptop when I'm not using it. Thankfully it folds and is easy to move.

Then there's a small cabinet that I planned to use as a make shift night stand until I can get a better one. That, however, is also full of stuff, husband's junk, that needs to be placed somewhere else... but where? We're so lacking closets and storage space that the whole house has become storage for things that we need but not every day. Argh!

So I began this job one after noon. Move the pile from the floor to the bed after moving the tv tray and laptop. I vaccuumed the now empty space. At this point I'm wiped out. I need to lay down before I fall down! But alas, the bed is piled high and there's no Zona sized space left on it. Argh!

This is the point that I have reached at least four times before and ended up just moving that, now 'bed pile' back to beging a 'floor pile'. Argh!

This time I figured I'd rest for about a half hour and at least gather all the stuff out of the video cabinet and put it in boxes that I could put in the hallway or some where until later. Well--- a half hour later I'm still wiped out. Totaled. But I'm determined!

I went and brought the boxes in the room and ever so carefully placed my imporant junk in it. (hey! This junk was paperwork and stuff I have to get my hands on quickly when I need it!) By this point I'm reeling from fatigue---

Dear husband wasn't in much better space but I begged him to move that old video cabinet out of it's corner spot. Did I mention there's only a 12 inch space to manuever around? Finally! A bare spot in the corner--- but---

At this point I realize I have a problem. I don't want to put these boxes of important junk out in the hallway. Where to put them? Ok, ya, they went back in the spot where that old video cabinet had sat. By now I'm breathless and dizzy. I was about to collapse on the bed for a few when it dawned on me that I had another more serious problem!

You see my wireless router had been sitting on top of that old cabinet and now it had no resting place. The cables were too short to move far in either direction and it sure couldn't just hang there. And there was no place to put my lamp. ARGH!

Sometimes we can get a bit ingenious dispite mal-functioning brain cells? Or perhaps It's more from being in a desparate situation and just plum to tired to think too far.

I grabbed another empty box, placed it on top of the boxes of precious stuff and made it into a temporary table. Voila!

---problem is--- now I have to move all three things in order to rifle through those boxes to find the papers I need...

...and I still need to move it all again when I finally do find a night stand.

Oh well. At least that video cabinet got move.

Now I wish my body would.

Did I mention that was three days ago and I'm still unable to do much more than breath?

[*people with chronic fatigue syndrome should NEVER use up more than 80% of their energy. But then how the heck do you judge that? Or ever get something finished in less than four years?!]



Blogger Wild Canary said...

I love this one! I was going to add to my blog today about the Christmas projects I just found under a pile of dirty laundry I was looking for for three weeks which was under a pile of seasonal clean clothes that I can't put into storage because it is moldy...sigh...and Dominoes or back to genisis(that's what my husband says) So, I have to go do laundry, finish Christmas projects (Jan 6th) and find the bed...good thing I have another one for now. Thanks for encourages me.

11:13 AM  

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