Tuesday, November 17, 2009

And Just As It Was Getting Average

Every now and the my symptoms seem to roll into a lull. Though they may vary still, from hour to hour, day to day there gettings to be a sameness about it, an 'average'. I can only hope it stays that way for a while as it is easier to cope with. But then it happens. I get knocked off my average.

About two months ago I got some kind of respiratory virus. I spent weeks sneezing and coughing, headaches, aching, blah. In a wierd kind of way it actually felt 'good'. Yes, I know. That sounds nuts! But I assure your it's really not...because 'normal sick' feels better than this crud. At least with normal sick there's a blah tiredness that matches. With this crud the horrid fatigue is often accompanied by an underlying restlessness, sometimes jitteriness that's hard to describe.

The virus seemed to finally abate, yet not for I have had continual coughing and sinus stuff every since. Yuck. Now I have been attributing this to seasonal allergies, either from mold or the fact that the furnace is now running. However I have been hearing the same thing from several friends, none of whom live anywhere near me and have different weather conditions. Hmmmmm....

Anyway, like I said this has been happening for weeks now, so it's begun to feel 'average'. Not fun mind you, but average.

Until yesterday. Yesterday through me into a tailspin. A change. Not a pleasant change either---and the coughing etc. is still there too. My average world has been turned up on end by terrible back, neck, shoulder and ribcage/chest pain, not quite the same kind I usually get (and I have the usual type much of the time too). That and tingling and numbing. Now tingling is not at all a newcomer to me either but this has been. First it was my hands. Then my foot. That is very unusual for those aren't typical locations of tingling for me much less numbness! Makes you wonder "what's up with this?!".

And if that wasn't enough, along with the difficulty sleeping though it all, today I woke up feeling like I had crashed and burned. Zero strength. I felt like either I was coming down with something awful, which I was hoping for reasons stated above, but I didn't believe, else here comes the extreme of CFS exhaustion again- "the I-Hardly-Have-Enough-Energy-To-Breath" like of fatigue. Ugh.

Does NOT make resting easy let alone trying to sleep.


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