Friday, January 16, 2015

The Passing Of My Favorite Rice Bread - or - Why Do They Always Do That?!!

Well,  it's happened.   For the last month every store in town has been out of my Kinnickinik rice bread.  I loved that bread.  It tasted wonderful when toasted lightly and was a good substitute for ppl like me who can't eat wheat. 

First I was told it was due to the weather and trucks not getting shipping though on the roads.  Then store by store i found empty spots on the shelf until no place in town had even one loaf left.  

Then the other day one store stocker told me that the company was "rebranding".   Meanwhile they got other gluten free breads in.  They weren't sure they would be getting any more of that bread in.   I was sad...but assumed I could still buy it elsewhere once they started sending it out again.

So tonight I looked on the companies website,  figuring maybe i could just order it direct!  I had scoped the other breads that were offered at the stores but didn't like the list of ingredients and not sure I could tolerate them either.   (I hate experimenting again with sensitivities and allergies.  No guinea pig here!)

In previous years I had bought and ate "enerGy"  brand rice bread.  It was never frozen,  and I could tell why.   It just lacked the flavor etc of my dear Kinnikinik brand! After trying the rice-tapioca Kinnikinick brand I never went back to enerGy...and I hesitate to do so now either.   It's been years...

So there I was,  on the Kinnikink site scoping their list of various gluten free products.  Yes,  it seems that that is now their focus,  "gluten free" stuff.   Seems to be
the last fad stuff, huh?   I've noticed this in all the stores including local grocery stores.   But where, oh where was MY rice-tapico bread???

sidenote:   Kinniki also made an "Italian white rice tapico bread" .  I don't recall now what the ingredient difference was,  most likely had to do with amount of eggs?  but was something else too.   I'd bought a loaf by mistake one day and didn't notice until I had opened it up.   So I ate a piece....  Mistake!   Whatever was in it did not agree with me.  Oh ya,  it also was wheat free,  had rice flour and tapico flour but whatever the differences were it didn't like me and I didn't like it.  

Well... they don't even have that kind now either.

Nope... my bread was missing :(   It's gone.   Bye bye.   Alas,  its the end of my beloved rice bread,  now to be replaced by something called gluten free white bread (or else multigrain bread or whatever else they have) but that bread has potato flour in it, which might be okay for me,  but it also has "modified egg whites" ---  

many years ago my friend informed me that half an egg is actually poisonous but if you ate both parts they neutralized each other.   So ,  ok.   Well... regardless I'm allergic

to eggs.   Actually most likely it is sulfur I'm allergic to,  thus all sulphur foods like onions, garlic and eggs.  I can't even be in the room when eggs are cooking!   ...but somehow

I can tolerate a bit of mayo (one brand)  and a little bit of something with egg baked into it AS LONG AS IT IS ONLY A LITTLE BIT,  like one whole egg.   Two eggs tho,  that does

me in.

So I'm not keen on this new bread with some modified type of egg whites,  and potato flour,  and physillum hulls (tho that might be ok- wasn't in the old loaf) and some unknown
form of "cellulous"  and whatever else.   Did not sound anywhere near like the old loaves and I am positive will not taste the same either. :(

I quick look at the other gluten free loaves at the grocers I saw almost the identical ingredients as this new kinniki bread.   So great.  They're just going to bake and sell what everone else already is?   Why do they bother?   :/


So I'm in mourning.   I have one small slice of the last loaf left which I stared at tonight longingly...but I didn't eat it..... yet.   I want to savor the moment and enjoy every tiny morsel of it...for there will be no more

I can't believe it

I have no clue what I will eat for lunch was my mainstay for years.

Booo hooo

I am really grieving and feeling mighty sorry for myself here.  That bread was like my cookies and cakes and toast and candy...all the things I can't eat anymore (and really don't miss) but I will surely miss my bread....

Did I tell you dh tried to make me rice bread once?   Wanted to by one of those bread making machines.   But ... ok well in the old days pre illnessd I used to make home made bread too,  the long way.   It was good too.   But well... it never was like sandwhich bread and neither was his.  Wrong texture.  

But now...   well heck...  guess there's not much I can do but to ask you----

anyone have a good rice flour-tapioca flour recipe they want to post here ...soon?



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