Friday, March 16, 2007

Sometimes The Best Intentions Hit Fans

My daughter's on a spring break trip with youth group this week. I had so many ideas of what we'd do these ten days alone. There's plenty of work to get caught up, a teens bedroom to sneak in a clean, and hey, time alone with hubby - we should have some fun too, right?! Well---

Getting her ready and off for her trip ended up requiring 4 hours of shopping to stores I normally avoid. I didn't stay in these stores for more than a few minutes. Apparently though, it was one of those days when every man, woman and teen seemed determined to wear as much scent as possible. Compound that with smelly products, floors and counters cleaned with stinky stuff and you get the picture. It reeked everywhere!

There are some things in life that just seem to require mom's input. Hunting down these things and determining how much of the bank they were going to break was one of them. I was stuck. I devised all kinds of plans - waiting in the car while she held them up at the window, but many stores have no windows... waiting until she found what she needed making a mad dash inside long enough to nod my head one way or the other and then sending dear husband in to make the purchase. Even the best laid out plans can fail when solid walls and indecision attack you.

Of course it didn't help that we needed to find shorts when the temperatures outside were still reminiscent of snow flurries! I learned that there are at least 10 locations in town that have no such thing this time of year.

While moving like a snail down the aisle I resigned myself to one last store. If they didn't have the required goods it was 90 degree weather in jeans. It would have to do. Crawling out the door to the car should have given me a clue that that was a bad idea. I recogized the signs of hitting the wall, sure. But i was determined. Afterall she has no other mother.

Now I never "do" Wallyworld. The lighting, the frags, the mob, all of it affects me badly not to mention that usually what I need always seems to be in the back corners! I felt thrilled when I saw the woman's clothing near the front. (shows you how familar i am with Wallyworld these years?). I pointed at one rack instructing dear daughter to shake a leg all the time knowing that the old lady looking shorts wouldn't meet with her approval. I scanned to my right looking for some a bit more hip but only saw winter wear.

It was just about that time that I started having a funny feeling in my head, followed by a fuzzing of the horizan where everything slowly fades to gray. I muttered to my daughter to take me to the door. I'd almost forgotten which direction the door was. I didn't think she heard me but I couldn't wait any longer. The floor was beaconing and I knew if I didn't scoot I'd be laying on it any minute.

By the time I got to the car I was shaking head to foot. The cooler air that I'd hoped would snap me out of the fog didn't help. Putting feet up on dash and slouching back in the position that dear hubby finds so embarrassing to find his wife in out in a parking lot, I hoped for a mini revival. But even that didn't help. I knew right then and there I had gone over the edge head first into a real good crash. I try to avoid those severe crashes....

So here I sit, seven days later. Those chores I thought I'd do are still undone. The laundry pile is growing. Dear husband (who also has cfs/fm and mcs) and I have pretty much been sacked out on the bed like two snails in suspended animation wishing we could teleport groceries in from the store. Obviously we didn't do anything special together this week other than breath and watch TV.

I'd like to take this moment to thank those broadcasters of good classic movies, (not that the movies were all that great this week), of classic sit-coms shown late at night when I can't sleep, and the creator, writers and director of the new show, House - as in Dr. House.

I'd also like to thank all my online list mates for their patience with Yahoogroups burping and for those who've posted to me through this blog. Sometimes sanity is at stake.

I thank the Lord for being with me. I thought of Tom Hanks in Castaway saying "you just breath". And I'm still breathing.

Sometimes the best intestions hit the fan and blow up all over you. This was one of those times.