Wednesday, August 08, 2007

It May Feel Warm and Fuzzy But...

We're all concerned about the current state of health care costs in America, especially those of us who have serious chronic conditions. That concern is being ramped up like bellows blasting hot air on ambers in the fire by thoses who really think we'd all be better off having Nanny take care of it all for us, and infer, "for free!".

But how free is free? We already have to deal with a CDC who have finally just come around to admitting CFS is a 'real' illness---only took them how many years? And you know what that lag accompanied by the suggestion of being "all in our heads" has meant in terms of treatments, research monies much less how ignorant it has kept our neighbors and families. Just what makes you think that the government will be any better at handling our health care?!

I will keep attempting to awaken you to the dark-side of socialistic medical until I am blue in the face, not because I'm a glutton for punishment but because I fear what it will mean for my kids and grandkids one day, particularly if they get some dreaded chronic illness like we have.

[HINT - My canadian husband's doctor scheduled him for several tests and to see several specialists way back in April. It is now August and to date he has finally had two tests done, one just yesterday and one was just a blood test that didn't require scheduling, and seen one specialist - an allergist (the wait time for the allergist alone was three months!). We still haven't heard when they can get him in for the remaining tests and specialists....]

In the meantime here's a link to an article I just read that points out that one of the reasons our insurance costs have risen is
legislature's intrusion into private contracts. An interesting point I hadn't thought about yet.

I pray that everyone will at the very least STOP and truely debate - listen to both sides/discuss/ponder/ evaluate/think - before blindly following the sheep who are driving us over the Socialistic Health Care cliff!