Monday, September 17, 2007

Web Seminar - I shudda told ya before

Ok I admit it. I'm waaaay behind in posting here on my blog. I should have told you weeks ago that I was going to be a guest speaker for Rest Ministries annual seminars. Well, it's over now...

It seems lately I've been so busy doing nothing! Ok, I've been doing something. Surviving! And taking husband dear to doctor appointments and for tests etc etc all of which has thus far resulted in nada. They still have no clue what is causing his awful coughing fits and now ear pain and hearing sensitivity. (more on this another day). I know its at least partially due to MCS stuff. But then who listens to me?

But back to the seminar...

I was asked to speak on "Raising kids while sick". At first I really bulked at the topic. I thot, what the heck do I know about raising kids?! I've only had four and now 7, soon to be eight grandkids and still don't know much. Of course I did raise them during the 27 yrs I have been ill so I guess that did qualify me to speak on the subject. I could write a book! Ha! But don't expect all those swell little tips and tricks on entertaining Susy because on that topic I have little clue anymore.

So the week was swamped with getting daughter settled into school and listening to dh (dear heart? dear hubby?) moan, groan and growl from every little sound in the room. Poor guy, he hurts. Poor me...he's grumpy. And then there was the usual "where'd all these dirty dishes come from! Did we have company during the night while I was sleeping?" and "who made this mess in my living room?". Sigh. Housework NEVER stays done!

I sweated and moaned over a blank screen for weeks trying to determine what to say that would sound half way estute, if not down right impressive. Blank screen. I so wanted to have a marvelous, entertainingly funny speech. But all I kept thinking of was one serious message and that dear friend is what I ended up giving.

Oh but there was some amusement! I've forgotten all the things that sidetracked me all day thursday. I only remember that fifteen minutes til the time I was to begin the speech we still hadn't gone to get the coveted cup of Timmy's decaf coffee i had planned to treat myself with during that hour talk. So I sent dh out to get it alone. After all I couldn't show up late!

Daughter dear accompanied dh to Timmy's (Tim Horton's for you canadians). Here I was setting up my windows, it required four open windows, readying for my talk when at one minute until start time the doorbell rang!

No one here but me, the cat and my laptop.

I glanced out the window to find dh's friend standing by the front door and no one to let him in but me. I neglected to tell you that dh was going to help me during this one hour presentation in case I needed to slip away from the computer for a moment. I looked at those four windows. I looked at the clock... 45 seconds to start... And I looked at that fellow standing at the door.

I yelled out the window for him to go around back, made a mad dash to the back door to let him in and as I turned my back to him dashing back to the computer I said "you'll have to entertain yourself for a few minutes. I have a conference...!
Did you know your fingers don't huff and puff? But they sure can fumble over keys!

I can tell you that it requires just a bit of coordination and brain power to cut and paste from one window into another, hit buttons and read and then repeat that process again. I believe my eyeballs were spinning.

Half way through this wonderful speech on what a great calling and ministry it is to raise children my dear daughter bursts into the room and just HAS to tell me right then how upset she is about something. No, it couldn't wait until after the seminar I was leading she said. This was an urgent annoyance that just had to be expressed right now!

Ah yes. Kids are wonderful. And like the terrific mom I am I kept cutting and pasting my text about the joy of motherhood while my daughter stood there griping and crying about her latest upset.

And I was asked to speak on raising kidlings? Ah Huh.

Well... I was glad to hear that my guests had been encouraged and appreciated the message. Even got some applause! :)

Maybe they would have really cheered if they'd known I had solved my daugher's world crisis in the middle of that speech?