Friday, December 21, 2007

Time flies! And it's Christmas already?!

Boy am I sloooow! Just saw how long it's been since i posted here. I have sooo much to catch you up on... but for now I'm just going to post this update:

Hi all

What a week! Somehow we always end up trying to do everything all at once before christmas. That isn't the plan, it's just the way things seem to go.

We finally got the tree up...that took some doing as lots had to be done first... And i'm finding that even with the tree up i'm still really not in a christmasy mood...

Then there was 101 other things to get done or interupting which i have forgotten about now... save for making calls to someone who owed us from back in nov that STILL hadn't paid us! I've been sitting here worried about utility bills etc for weeks (still am) much less trying to figure out how to do something for christmas for my dd, and you know teenagers! How do you find a cheapie gift for a teen that will tickle them as much as it would a toddler? obviously that has kept me quite stressed...

then dh started having those horrid coughing fits again. Nope still no results from tests and still waiting for MRI to be done. All we know is he has a hiatal hernia and the med they prescribed for that cost $57 a month. Got 10 days supply but it hasn't made any difference. Of course he wasn't having heart burn so how would he know if it was helping or not???

Along with that dd first had some respiratory thing which i prayed dh and i didn't get ! I got a touch but seems no more and dh hasn't PTL...but, we seemed to get something stomach/gut instead. Still dealing with that a bit but thankfully it's not been real bad like my friend here in town has been!

So how do you do any shopping when 1. you really shouldn't be out in stores with the stinky stuff and 2. cfs- no energy! and when 3. we BOTH have that?? LOL. oh and of course not to mention 4. no income! But thanks to a generous friend I had a bit to get something for dd. So like crazy people that we are we decided best thing to try was going to wallyworld at 2:30 a.m. since they're open 24/7 now. Figured NO ONE would be shopping at that hour! Well... there wasn't as many as last year. yup we did that last year too! But there was a few and it just happened that a guy was mopping the floor right in the area i needed to go with , yup, stinky stuff! oy vey!

I NEVER do shopping malls and rarely ever ever do wallyworld (walmart for those of you who haven't heard that LOL). On the rare occasions i have tried wallyworld it is always during 'off hours' and only the first front 1/4 of the store near the door. That's all the oomph i have on a GOOD day. Makes it hard when what you're there after is in the back corners! Dh can do those sometimes but you know men. Some things it just takes a woman to pick out huh? LOL

Well 20 mins in wallyworld and we were both crawling...zapped.

Came home and dear hubby he fell right off to sleep. Me? Oh no, not me. Wallyworld did something to my brain and i was buzzing for hours, couldn't sleep. Sometime after 7:30 i finally dozed off...until the phone rang around noon and woke me....

did i mention i couldn't find anything for dd at wallyworld???

So today we're beat...

and tonight i got one of those sudden headaches. I just started getting those in the last several months. Didn't have them before. Somehow tonight i have a feeling the weather is playing a part in triggering it...don't ask my why cuz i don't know LOL. Then i started itching on my forehead. That is something else i only recently started getting! Have no clue why that either except maybe it's just too dry in the house?? no rash etc just itchy...and annoying.

So that's what i've been up to.

How about you?