Saturday, April 11, 2009

Time To Revolt! It's A Veggie Revolt

Been wondering what I've been doing? In between hearing the evening news and dealing with the flu and of course usual CFS, FM, MCS stuff... I'm giving you a sneak peak--- :)
These cute Steamed Veggies and their friends occupy a three piece print set for framing you can order to go on your kitchen wall. Go to my site, Zona's Zone shop section to look at them and while you're there take a look around the rest of the site! I have some free to download and print greeting cards, bookmarks, doorknob hangers etc.

Gotta run. Got more fruity things to do!


Saturday, April 04, 2009

Dear Readers/Commenters--- Zona Is Sooooo Sloooow !

Just wanted to apologize for taking so long to approve the comments left here. It seems they were hidden so got overlooked for a looooong time. Now I'm going to have to figure out why they were not seen and hopefully not have this happen again!


This Touched My Heart

Owen's Button

Pray for this family and this little boy. They touched my heart so much. I became ill about 30 years ago now, when I was pregnant with my fourth child, my son Matthew. He, like this child had hypoplastic left heart syndrome ...and only lived six days. He was only 2 lbs 12 oz. Medicine has come a long ways since then and I pray God grants a miracle for this boy -and his family.

Will you keep them in your prayers too?