Thursday, August 28, 2008

Our weather here has been so wacky. Hot then cool, warm then cool again etc. Also been having thunderstorms and lightning which is strange for around here. That alone has done a number on my head causing earaches and dizziness etc (the storms and weather changes). But I've been managing so so til tonight.

Tonight I suddenly just bottomed out. You get that? I'm sure you do. I don't know where the little energy i had vanished to. Seemed to flush right out the bottom of my feet all of the sudden. Ugh. Then I started feeling yuckie all over, yada yada.

A couple days ago I once againi noted that perfumes can cause acid reflux REAL bad. My daughter had a friend who dropped in, walked past me outside and whammo blammo, first the nose and throat followed later by big time acid burn. Who ever would think reflux could be caused by frag exposure?! It took me a long time to put that two plus two together but I've noted it several times now. MCS is fun too. NOT!

Well... summer's nearly gone already -----