Monday, December 28, 2015

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

I pray your Christmases were merry !

I taken I break now on my hospital story.  (I will be back!)
I whole lot has happened in 2015 and I am excited to start another year.

And meanwhile I think I need a lot of resting and doing nothing....   :)

Happy New Year!


Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Going Down To The 1st Floor

                                                              (con't  The Stroke)
My daughter and her family were here visiting right before my stroke. They were only here for number of day before they had to go  home as my grandson start school. I so looked forward to their
coming. I had never met her new husband or the kids ever though the youngest granddaughter was a teen but she was born since I'd been up here (the older granddaughter was off on her own and didn't come with them). I hadn't seen my own daughter (or my other kids) for fifteen years due to illness and finances making impossible to travels.

And there I was on the sixth floor at the hospital. I had no way to tell any one want happened to me, neither family nor friend and extended family and even the dear friends online. What I could piece
together there was people calling home my husband filled in what had happened. And long time later I found out that my daughter had a unexpected delay in getting back home. She called here on very day that I got taken hospitals to report the incident but my husband was in dither, likely to say! How could I express to anyone? It would take several weeks before I was 'in touch' , personally with anybody except what was around there at the hospital.

Some time on the three days on sixth floor, twice to be sure I was being taken around the hallway "block" with a nurse. Some where in back of the mind in was sure they were taken to walks about avoid blood clots, though no one ever told what and why they doing this. In my memories the only time the addressed as a person was being taken to bathroom, save one precious nurse! My husband bought me in android tablet. (more about this in last post). No one else knew how to get it, the tablet, on hospital network. She did! Thus at least I could hear radio.

Suddenly, or at least it seemed to me to be suddenly, a nursed show up telling me I had to go! I was all confused. Here I barely felt like I comfortable the routine. I knew want to expect and I was taken
off to God's know where! She put me in wheelchair and whisked me down hallways. Remember I was without purses and clothes? There I  sit, tablet on my lap without a brush of my hair and hospital gown waving in the breeze down hallways and elevator a long ways to go--- It felt like I was near heaven up on newly constructed sixth floor alone with two big window looking out on the lake and drug into the old, dingy, crowded room called: "rehab". There I was put in a room occupied by three other roommate with barely enough room to get between the bed and curtain that divided off 'cells'. There I was to find in whole of the existent forever changed .

Tuesday, December 01, 2015

I've Been Talking For Long Time Before I Stopped Talking

   I Haven't been without a voice in about sixty-three years,  if  include "mama" and "dada" and "no!" my conversation!   That make it a very long time of practice.  I simple cannot imagine that  I plum forgot how to make the easiest sound let alone not one you mixed together that they become word meaning something.   I could utter "I" half knowing this was me.  And I over-hear people I have presumably "talk" with described me as sounds that had no meaning,  or that they never heard before.

  In recent past I had three experiences similar to this one.... sort of...   I had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is three five year,  with that you get post exerting fatigue.   During my worse days I some time I curled up in bed,  needing "to go flat" , I used to say.   Sometime I to rest for days at a time.   I never got so bad, though that I just couldn't say any more.  This year I had.  Two or three time I happen when I was on the phone and I suddenly could not say a word any more.  I figured I had reached that point of exhaustion I had to laid down.   My daughter whom I hadn't seem in 15 years and family are going ready to come.  I could not afford to be down when she got here and yet I had a lot I needed to do yet too.


One thing I know about that jumbled my plan was when I had to lab to have blood tested again.  I have been on edge of my chair anxiously awaiting to that potassium measured to see if it gone up since Friday.   Secretly I'd rather have seem medicine that would not,  could not  warped the speed which match the magic number meaning  'dangerous".   (I would have allergies to just about everything)   Dave took me the lab at 2:00 but when arrived there the place jammed packed and the waiting room was feeling at the brim with perfumes, something I great sensitivities too!  We left to do groceries shopping.

Every so slower now.   I barely am conscious of how discombobulated I am.  It sure to seemed to everything have go faster that is does.  As I get into it though it occurs to me in my typing to get faster,  it is until I have entered backspace fifteen space before I where I typed wrong key,  and that was the fifth time I got the letter wrong.  Or clumsiness overtook,  and my oh my how did I ever get so tired...!    Housework take ton more time and it bugs me lot more too.  

You would think this sort of thing would be common place after thirty years living Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.   No energy was my middle name.   However if was different.   (and beside I have a weeks of in hospital with no way I could ever begin to catch up with it staring in the face)