Thursday, June 16, 2011

It's No Big Deal (??? !!!)

So it was one of those moments that make you go "AAARGH!". I know we've all had them. I was on the phone with a friend who has FM. I assumed she understood about these dumb diseases though her FM is mild compared to many people's. So what does she say to me ?? "well, cfs does go away". WHAT??! Did she really say that? hmmm Yes, that is indeed what she informed me. I said, "since when? Funny I've had it 31 yrs now."

So she proceeds to tell me that she's known two people who had CFS and both 'got over it'.

I quickly informed her that either a. they never really had CFS or b. she must have known two very rare souls who had miracles because that certainly is NOT the usual course for things with CFS. !!! Certainly not for all of you and more that have suffered with this dd for years and years.

Did I tell you this friend always knows everything about everything?

It's been one of those weeks...