Friday, January 15, 2010

Suffering Succatash!

I disappeared, but here I appeared again. Well... momentarily.

Dear Husband, otherwise known as "dh" and I caught some virus thingie and have been down since Christmas. The bird, turkey that is, is still in the freezer. We weren't well enough by New Years Day to fix it then either. We've both been sweating buckets! Seems this bug really likes to dehydrate you like crazy. We're making the bottled water company rich I think. I'm better a bit that way but Dh isn't. This thing seems to hang on forever! Ugh.

I was so full of good intentions. Was making stuff for my grandkids and printed off a few of my own Christmas cards. Both are still sitting here. And I was going to post some kind of New Year's Resolutions but that I didn't do either. Just as well, I don't usually make those and hey, would I do them anyway? Well, if I were to make them I'm make just this one--- I resolve to do something to my living room this year to make it more habitable, more comfortable, less of an eyesore and add some color to entertain my eyes. Beige has gotten too boring. (beige was NOT my choice. It is what was here when I came...)

So that's it for now. I think of tons a things to post here but looks like I don't actually write them. Would I bore you anyway???....