Friday, December 15, 2006

Christmas is Coming ! Cards & Doorknob Thingie For You

I just put up a doorknob hanger that is for the christmas/new years season you can download and print off.It also has a Friendship bookmark on same page :)

go here and click where it says NEW blah blah at the top. It's a pdf file.

Also you can go here to get printable Christmas Cards I've designed...

Merry Christmas !


Thursday, December 07, 2006

Hey I'm still a Pro !

Perhaps many people don't realize that some of us can't get disability, not because we're not that ill but because we just aren't eligible to apply for it in the first place. At least that is what I've noticed over the years. I won't even go into another observation, the attitudes that reflect this notion that if you can't work you don't deserve and should stop complaining and whining and be happy you have anything at all... That's a topic for another post. Right now my mind is more on the whole matter of working from home while feeling too ill to be working at all... and the general public's false notions about that.

I've been ill for over 26 yrs now and during that time I have worked from home, owning and running various types of businesses, whatever I can manage. Those businesses ranged from fixing computers and networking, to architectural design and drafting to sewing and graphic arts. Yes, I'm lucky to have a variety of skills to fall back on that are do-able from home, well mostly do-able from home and I realize that isn't the case for many who have these illnesses.

Currently I have a computer repair/networking/administrator business. Do you know how difficult it is to compete when you can't leave your home? But that's only part of the problem. The bigger part is that somehow people believe that if you do something from home you're doing it as a hobby and therefore shouldn't expect to get what the 'pros' get. Well excuse me, but I've been messing with computers since I took programming back on a main frame univac with keypunch! (one of the few advantages of getting older is being able to make claims like this LOL). I AM a pro! I can build you a computer, set up the thing, network it and ---well whatever you need. I can't say that I LIKE doing this much. I'd rather be painting, writing or doing something really creative but we do what we have to do.

Why people think that way I don't know. Every week there's some guy on TV with long hair and blue jeans that some super duper big shot who does something that pays a lot of money who has his own business and he works from home and everyone's in awe and willing to hand him the big bucks. Me? Well they figure I should be thrilled to get what their teenagers geek friend gets even tho said geek friend is more talk that knowledge.

And seems everyone has a friend who's a computer expert these days---

--until their 'friend' goofs up and accidently deletes all their important files and then in the process of fixing that 'goof' manages to wipe out their operating system---

Then they call me. But still the next time they run into a problem the still figure somehow that same teenage pimple faced geek can fix them right up, else they'll have to go to some 'pro' who has a shop downtown and a half page yellow page ad to pay for each month.

Maybe if I had a Mercedez Benz in the driveway they'd think differently???