Sunday, October 19, 2008

Missing! Alert - Zona's Missing???

This is a Missing Alert! We here at Sunnydale Funnyfarm are searching for the patient in Ward C, Bed 3 -- Zona. She last posted here a loooong time ago, looks like she hasn't posted since August? ! (sheesh). She was last seen on her way to Dr. W's weekly therapy session, but she never arrived.

The patient in Bed 4 said Zona had muttered something about all these things she had to go take care of first. ---

She's about yea high, dirty blonde hair, washed out complexion and typically has a dazed and confused look on her face. She likes to wear scrubs or sweats, and is usually barefoot.If you happen to see her please tell her to get on over for therapy. She's long past due.

Dr. W's assistant