Wednesday, August 09, 2006

A Few Little Numbers Might Help

What a difference a few numbers might make. Just the right numbers. I don't need too many. Just enough and just the correct ones that match the winning lotto numbers will do.

Recent research pointed to stressors being a very bad thing for PWC's (people with CFS). Now we know they were referring to physical stress as much as to mental/emotional stress - such things as virii and infections, car accidents and such but hey, ok, I won't argue, emotional stress wrecks us too.

Now what I'd like to know is how one can not be stressed when they have an illness that prevents you from earning an income, and if one is so fortunate to recieve some sort of disability benefit never is enough even to maintain the basic necessities let alone all the extra medicimal stuff that one needs to perhaps feel better if not flat out survive? ! (ps I don't get disability benefits of any kind)

Money is a constant worry. Not having enough, that is. Forget the special diets, heating pads, chiropractors or physical therapists, suppliments, comfy beds, proper clothing, fragrance free cleaners, and whatever else one might require. Somedays food and lights are difficult enough to afford.

I could write a book on this subject alone. But for now, I just mention it here as something 'norms' should ponder ... Being ill is not cheap.

One winning lotto ticket might not cure me but it sure couldn't hurt me either. Care to buy me one?


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