Monday, July 31, 2006

In The Good Ol' Summertime

I know many CFS/FM folks say they feel much better in the summer. Not me. Not in recent years. I don't know if it's the heat intolerance or the pollens or the air pollution. Whatever it is my body doesn't like it much. And yet I don't exactly like winter either. Winter's just really not that pretty---well, okay, when the trees are all laced with frost maybe it is.

(and nope, I didn't forget it could be from MCS too)

A week ago we had neighbor's asphalting driveway and a stinky teen times two and something else I've now forgotten, any and all of which could have thrown me into these weird symptoms. For days my legs were like lead and weak--how can they feel like both at the same time?? --and tingling intensely. The tingling isn't new for me at all. In fact it was one of the first symptoms I had 26 yrs ago. But the intensity, weak-lead legs and duration were.

Tip- [I have no clue if any of these made one wit of difference of if one of them were the reason the problem had subsided a lot the next morning]

  1. I had my husband adjust my hip sort of like my old myopractor used to do
  2. Had him tug on my legs like myopractor used to do
  3. I laid with heating pad under low back for a while

---or it may just have been a reaction that finally wore off... or a shift in the direction of the breeze...or that old Fairy Fluke that seems to wave her wand and rotate symptoms faster than a Nascar pit crew rotates tires.

I got up the next morning minus the intense tingling, able to stand for thirty seconds without my legs feeling they'd go out from under me. However--- the old rumbling, girgling gut thingie complete with bubbling feeling in chest had taken it's place! ARGH!

Sometimes it seems like there's a very mean old crone out there somewhere with a lot of very looong pins and a doll fashioned to look like me, else a renegade virus with a very baaad sense of humor!

Did I tell you it was a pretty trying week?

Time to play Literati with my sister. That's one sanity saver ....


Blogger Sue Jackson said...

I can't handle the heat, either...and it's been HOT here, too! Then again, today is only in the 80s and less humid and I feel worse than ever. I like your vision of the old crone with the voodoo doll! My doc says the tingling is a nervous system thing and she recommended Mg supplements. They seem to help. Stay cool.


12:07 PM  
Blogger Zona said...

Originally the tingling I had was caused by organophosphate poisoning which does affect the CNS. In recent years I'm wondering if other things aren't causing it too... like the smoke that's been in the air.

Fortunately it's gotten a bit cooler lately... :)


11:31 PM  

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