Sunday, July 23, 2006

It's Hot !

A whole week has past since I posted last during which time I had a neighbor asphalting their driveway, kids show up stinking, other annoyances and a not so fun time with teenager. And it is hot!

Today the thermometer on the back porch said 104F. No igloos here I assure you. I melt down when it goes over 84. Been a little puddle here in the only room of the house that has a/c, my bedroom. The rest of the house is uninhabitable, therefore the housework is piling up. Daughter dear is inhabiting the rest of the house though I sure can't see how! (and yes, I did invite her to hibernate in here with me).

For days now I've had a terrible headache, not typical for me, especially not this type of headache. Who knows if it's the asphalt, the heat, stress or dumb ol' CFS/MCS/FMS. I'm too wiped to care to figure it out. But then it could also be a resurgance of the crud I had a week ago as the earaches, sore throat etc are back too and my friend told me that is what would happen. Her family had it the week before I came down with it...

I had wanted to post something else but for now this is what I did...LOL Just too tuckered..


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