Friday, July 14, 2006

Fumed ?

I had planned on writing something uplifting and cheery next time I posted. Well, it ain't going to happen. I guess it's just been one of those months. Between the bad fall, and 'bugs' and now ... well... the air ... I guess on a positive note I could claim I'm still alive?

It began with an unexpected visit from a stinky teen. I hibernated in my room after exiling him to the backyard with my daughter but the smell had made it's home in my living room by then despite the fans and air purifier.

The next day I was standing out on my back porch when the wind kicked up and suddenly my legs started to tingle, which used to mean pesticide exposure but these days seems to come from a variety of things I think. Who knew what this time?

Then yesterday my neighbor asphalted his driveway which goes all along my side yard. I knew this was going to happen but had hoped for a pre-warning so I could again hibernate in my bedroom. For some reason the smell wasn't as strong as when they did the road nearby a few years ago--- but then the other road is all dug up and about to be repaved too sometime soon. argh.

I woke up feeling horrid and felt short winded all day. Sometimes CFS can cause that but this time it seemed more linked to the ongoing bloating from a few days ago, most likely compounded by the exposures. Usually if I wake up that way it will go away in a short while. Not today. Today it has been all day along with crushing fatigue and weariness...

Then I picked up the newspaper and read the headlines: "Acid spill alarms city". Turns out the waste treatment plant a half block upwind away that we've long suspected to be a source of air problems here reported a high amount of phosphorus in the water. It was high enough to suspect a spill though the culprit has not been found.

I looked at the date this happened and wondered if it was the explanation for my tingling legs and other things these last few days?

Fun and games on the home range...

My uplifting blog will have to wait until another day!


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