Monday, July 10, 2006

Life Happens

I had to procrastinate posting here as both dh and I have had some 'bug' going around...still do it seems. So I'm late here with the news...

I'm a grandma! (again) My grand-daughter was born July 6th, the same day as another grand-daughter of mine. How about that?! Of course this blessed event is exciting...but yet too a bit brought a bit of sadness too, as my kids live so far away from me I haven't been able to see them for a long time including the last baby who is now 5 yrs old already. I'm wondering how old this one might be by the time I get to see her too?

I have the unusual situation of having a grand-daughter (the oldest one) who is just three years younger than my youngest child. Did you follow that? My youngest, now a teenager has been like an only child with the number of years between her and the next oldest. Back when I first started getting these grand-children we did all live in the same town and often I found myself with six kids all under the age of 6 in my home, typically three of them still in diapers!

Obviously with CFS, FM and MCS even one young child was enough to manage. Can you imagine six?! Even though I lived close by I found it difficult to play grandma and mom at the same time and eventually had to ask my kids to not deposit them at the same time. Now I'm days away and can't see them at all except via the net. Thank God for the internet and webcams etc. !

So today I sit here both filled with joy and a bit of sadness. Events like this too often brings it home just how much being ill affects our lives in soooo many ways.


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