Sunday, July 02, 2006

Sunnydale Funny Farm - Open to visitors !

Announcing the opening of Sunnydale Funny Farm, home of the looniest bunch you'll ever met! Come hear the latest antics of the patients on Ward A, Ward B, C, D... well you get the drift. Under the oversight of the renouned Dr. Wolfgang Wisenheimer himself (on the right with Quackers the Duck) our Head Shrink and Chief of Staff.

Come over and see what's happening with this wackie gang. Perhaps one of the therapy sessions will help you too? You never know ya know.

I can tell you that it really helped me. I found the underwater basketweaving therapy to be one of the best around. There's nothing like a little weaving to unwind your day. I will confess that Quackers is my favorite, though he doesn't talk. Kind of like the old proverbial invisible friend.

You'll find the link over there ----> on the right under Links or just go to from here : )



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