Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Knock Out Smell ?

Well i didn't really think it was possible but today i've been even more flat out fatigued (as in weak exhausted from cfs) than i was yesterday. Didn't get that room finished... ah well another day...

...it could have been made worse by gum. Yup gum. My daughter was chewing some of the stinkiest gum... yuck and it caused a sore throat and felt it in my lungs. I think it was that same green apple smell that some shampoos have which also bother me... and dh. I sure wonder what chemical they use to make that smell because it sure is potent!


Anonymous keybard said...

hello, zona zone

Regarding the smell in the bubble gum, you might like to read the latest National Geographic re: chemicals in the environment. They referred specifically to some additives in shampoo for example which give it the lavender smell;i would not be surprised if there is a fake green apple smell out there on the chemical market. Of course with MCS you might already know about all the chemicals they talked about in that article, but who knows. Then there is the perpetual problem of avoiding them or convincing some stodgy bureaucrat that the substance should be banned.

By the way, i liked your article about worshiping the God of health - at least what i got to read of it (I am housebound, and quite restricted in what i can read and write due to CFS, FMS, MCS myself). Yesterday i had an experience which confirmed that this attitude is alive and ravaging the spirits of even some of the finest people i know: that the very ill (housebound, bedridden, those requiring some sort of accomodation) should be seen when it is convenient to the busy masses, and in a world blindly obsessed with the bottom line, that means, never. Besides, asking for help is shameful and we should not show vulnerability by asking for help unless we are prepared to give up our autonomy, dignity and whatever ability we still have to give. The whole thing made me pretty sick inside. Oscar Wilde summed it up at least a century ago: Nowadays people know the price of everything and the value of nothing. The worst thing is, i keep thinking, if this had never happened to me, i might well have been one of those impatient people lacking compassion and more than that, lacking the understanding that just because someone doesn't give in the way that you expect, doesn't mean that the person has nothing of value to give. It's a kind of rare openness of spirit that remains able to respond to us based on who we still are, instead of who we no longer are.

10:28 AM  
Blogger Zona said...

You are so right! Sorry to hear you've had the same experiences.

As for chemicals decieve you into believing they are something they're not, aka green apple and lemon 'smell'...I haven't read the Nat Geo article but have read others (I'll have to dig that one out :) ) and I REALLY wish people would think about it and protest. Besides what it is doing to us physically I can't help but wonder what all this deception is doing to our psyches too! Think about it---we're being tricked! (but then somewhere inside we know it's fake)...


11:44 PM  

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