Wednesday, November 01, 2006

I'm Just a Lil' Yo Yo

brrrrr it's gotten cold ! Last year i felt warm when it was this cold but not this year. I'm freezing!

still very busy here. FOund out my brother might be coming out to visit me in a couple weeks! EEEEK! not enough time to clean...not at my pace ! If he gets to come it will only be for two days. I haven't seen him in 10 yrs so i'm excited!

you know how it is when you're ill? I have mixed feelings about all this. On one hand i'm very excited and elated yet on the other thinking about him being here reminds me how ill i am. I know i won't be able to do much with him...which is an understatement because i spend most of my time on my bed these days and can't do that when trying to visit with him. It's not that he won't understand but more that know how it is...subconsciously we're always trying to behave 'normally' when others are around and that often requires more energy etc than what we have ...esp me anyway.

I've been having weird head pain ... doesn't exactly seem like a headache but maybe is.... off and on for days which is driving me nuts. Think my neck might be tweaked along with my sinuses but not able to get into a chiropractor. I can only dream that that would help! The cold front is making both of us ache a lot. and the stomach/gut problems go on.

So today i don't know if i want to jump in jubilation or have a good cry....


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