Sunday, April 23, 2006

Not quite a time machine but a traveling machine?

Hey! I got to go to the Grand Ol' Oprey the other night and hear Roy Clark! Those of us who are stuck here at home have to get out sometime huh? And what a better way to travel than this ---- my dear brother happened to be in Nashville and happened to be at the Oprey. He called me up when Roy Clark was playing and let me hear one tune. He thought I'd like to be at the Oprey and this was one way of going :)

On another occaision my sister called me from a Cardinals game and let me hear the crowd roar as they scored. On other occaisions my dear family would video tape events I couldn't go to like school functions my children were in.

Sometimes you just gotta get out of the house and what better way to do it than to have some helpful travel coordinators with cell phones! I wonder sometimes if people realize just how much those of us who are homebound need this sort of thing on occaision? Too often it seems most people assume I LIKE being homebound or that I must have agoraphobia (I can sure see how one could develop it if you became ill every time you tried going anywhere! conditioned response) and don't realize that the reason I seem content with this lifestyle is because I need to be content in order to stay happy and sane.

Recently I posted about seeing the part of the glass that was still full and being willing to adapt your life around your illness. I'm still so surprised to run into folks who figure that is just 'giving up'. Would a diabetic who avoids sugars being tagged as "giving up" I wonder???

So I've adapted my traveling and vacations a bit now. I have them from home. The cell phone travels are great and I'm thinking that perhaps adding some post cards and digital pix from friends and family, hey I could go a lot of places by proxy huh? : ) Sometimes dear husband and I watch a travelogue on tv and there we are, in Ireland or watch a show like the one on the Amazon. Next on my 'great ideas to try' list is planning ahead a bit and touring via TV with accompanying cultural foods from whereever it is we decide to 'go'.

Have you been on a trip lately??



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